The Brilliance of Color

The Brilliance of Color

It’s amazing how going to a new country can give alter your perspective in such a short period of time. I’ve been in Israel for barely three days and I can hardly believe that this is just the beginning! I have over two more weeks here and already I am falling in love with the culture, the sites & sounds and the people. Admittedly, I am experiencing culture shock but only to a certain degree.

Being in the moment, however, has lessened the impact of culture shock, allowing me to really appreciate everything I am experiencing. Feeling my feet upon the ground, recognizing the breathe rise in my belly and re-centering my mind has given me the strength to overcome anxieties so that I can just be.

In these many moments in which I am discovering a new place in this world, I find that I am rediscovering the brilliance of color!

From the fruits and vegetables in the Carmel Market and the fabrics in the shops nearby to the buildings on Hayarkon and the Mediterranean Sea, color is all around!

Even the sky seems more brilliant. The blue strongly shines through the dancing leaves on trees (yes, trees that still have green in the winter!)

Even in the middle of winter, there is a liveliness here that I have not felt anywhere else before. While I am rediscovering the brilliance of color, I am also discovering a lot about myself already.

I had become more aware of how I dread Pittsburgh winters and their effect on me both mentally and physically in the last few years. Since then, I’ve been working to understand myself on a greater level, starting to pinpoint what my soul really needs beyond a warmer location.

Color can have such a powerful impact. Think of how much livelier movies seems in color and the excitement people had to experience it in this way. Clothing, homes, and food appear more lively in color. Our minds, our moods are strongly changed with color! There are numerous psychology studies of color. I see more than ever that I cannot imagine my life without the brilliance of color.

Recognizing the beauty of color in this world goes beyond the nature, it lays deeper than the blues of the sea reflecting the blue of the sky.

We cultivate the color our environments.

It is us, the people living in these cities that build these structures, farm the produce sold in the markets, and dye the fabrics we wear, that bring more color into our lives.

So if ever you find soul to be aching, I wish that you discover the brilliance of color in this world. And that may even mean, creating it yourself…

– xoxo





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  • Sure does change our mood and affects us in so many ways! Even mental development. I am thrilled for you and can’t wait to hear more about the things you’re seeing, feeling, hearing, and tasting. xoxo

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