New Hazlett Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA 2012

Burlesque has been an appealing and sexy art form for years, but it also provides the opportunity to be much more complex. Cyborlesque, a performance in the Cyborg Cabaret at the New Hazlett Theatre, emphasizes our ever-increasing desire for Artificial Intelligence and Technology within the appeal of burlesque. The reveal of skin is not quite what you expect, but this act is sure to warm your flesh and oil your joints.


Flaunt Your Contraceptives

Video Performance, 2012

“Flaunt Your Contraceptives” is one of a few anticipated parodies of contemporary songs by female singers. This pieces uses “Single Ladies” by Beyonce, the widely admired pop star who has recently been criticized for being a false beacon of feminism. “Single Ladies”, among many others popular songs, gives women the false impression of empowerment. Through catchy videos and engaging beats, it often goes unnoticed that the lyrics actually teach women to either use their bodies to compete with other women, catch the attention of men or achieve success. Instead, the lyrics should be raising awareness of the critical contemporary issues that are of concern and can truly empower women… and who says that can’t be done with a little humor and fun?



The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, PA 2011

Robo-Burlesque is a collaborative performance between Julia Cahill, Ippei Mori and Mitsuko Verdery that provokes reflection on the way we find pleasure through our gadgets, machines, and electronic toys we use everyday. Using burlesque, a typically human form of adult entertainment, two robots seduce Hal 9000, turning plenty of software into hardware.


The Breast Press

Video Performance, 2010

In the early 1940s, many women entered the workforce, choosing to work the assembly line, proving that no job was too strenuous. Then, only a few decades later, female artists shifted the role of women in the art world with the new media of video performance. They often used their bodies as a powerful tool to make critically engaging work.
Decades later, however, women are still dealing with a high degree of inequality in the workforce and in the art world. This piece pays homage to the female workers and female performance artists of eras past whilst bringing to light the statistically proven inequality that remains today.

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